Maxcess in the News

RotoMetrics showed EZ Clean idler roll and EZ Clean stripping roll at Labelexpo alongside the newly launched Versa-Cut adjustable anvil. On display was the company’s RotoRepel technology, a non-stick coating available on its solid and flexible dies.

Idler roll features a patent-pending design that improves web tracking, minimizes ink transfer and therefore reduces cleaning time. Lifted labels and adhesives do not stick to the roll. Another feature of idler roll, that enables presses to run longer and faster, is that breakdown of waste matrix does not stop the press: it continues to run as if nothing happened. A stripping roll minimizes label blocking and lifting, thus reducing the waste and minimizing damage on dies.

RotoMetrics’s Keith Laakko said: ‘Converters see significant improvement in productivity using our idler rolls. Using it in combination with stripping rolls and RotoRepel can make their presses run even faster.’

RotoMetrics also showed a light-weight magnetic cylinder that Laakko easily lifted with one hand to demonstrate the claim. He says these cylinders reduce inertia by 30 percent on a press which results in less pressure on motors.

Also new, Versa-Cut adjustable anvil adheres to thickness inconsistencies in materials. It allows precise control of cutting depth for optimal liner strike and is stable enough to convert films. These are being manufactured and shipped worldwide from RotoMetrics’ plant in Missouri, with manufacturing due to begin soon in Brazil, Europe and Australia.