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Tight Tolerance D2 Solid Rotary Die features industry-leading delivery time and fast re-sharpening / repair support.

Oak Brook, Illinois, July 21, 2021- Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, today unveiled the RotoMetrics RD300 NW Solid Rotary Die. Drawing on nearly 70 years of Rotary Tooling experience, combined with nonwovens expertise from complementary Maxcess brands of Fife, Tidland and Webex, RotoMetrics designed a through hardened, D2 Steel tool specifically engineered for nonwoven applications, including diapers, feminine care, wipes and medical / PPE materials. The RD300 NW delivers consistent performance and reliable support while addressing customer feedback on converting nonwovens.

“We spent a lot of time listening to customers on the challenges they face converting nonwoven materials, including delivery lead time, adhesive issues, ensuring exact die specifications and repair / re-sharpen turnaround time,” said Nadine Powell, Maxcess Global Product Manager for RotoMetrics’ Tooling Solutions. “Our solid die expertise allows us to manufacture the exact die our customers ordered made to the tightest tolerances for the best performance and most consistent cut that reduces scrap and waste. Our fully integrated manufacturing processes allow us to deliver a premium, through-hardened D2 solid die with exclusive coatings for adhesive control in half the time of the competition. Additionally, our regional repair facilities can repair and re-sharpen dies faster. This helps keep our customers up and running, increases output and decreases downtime.”

Featuring premium D2 steel and the most consistent blade geometry for metal to metal cutting, RotoMetrics is able to offer longer life and more re-sharpening opportunities versus other D2 offerings. Complementing the standard offering, customers can also add material movement solutions to quickly remove web waste to further improve performance and reduce scrap. Visit the product page or call 1-844-MAXCESS to learn more about how the new RD300 NW Die can solve your nonwovens converting challenges.

RotoMetrics RD300 NW D2 Solid Rotary Die for Nonwoven Applications