Global Series Magnetic Particle Brake to deliver 30% more torque

Oklahoma City, OK – MAGPOWR, a leader in the design and engineering of tension control products for the web handling industry, announces higher torque values for the recently released Magnetic Particle Brake. The Global Brake Model F, originally rated to deliver up to 250 lb-ft of torque, can now be placed in demanding applications where up to 325 lb-ft of torque is required.

“The benefits of Magnetic Particle Brakes; no dust, smooth stops and starts, and little or no maintenance, make them preferred for most applications,” said Darren Irons, Product Manager for MAGPOWR. “These new models give us flexibility to place the technology in applications where we couldn’t before, providing new alternatives for converters.”

Magnetic Particle brakes deliver smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability and torque independent of speed, making the technology ideal for tensioning or other power transmission applications. Polished seal surfaces, high temperature materials and rugged construction ensure consistent tension in converting and packaging, as well as pharmaceutical or other clean-room applications.

MAGPOWR introduced Magnetic Particle clutches and brakes to the web converting industry in 1967. Today, along with Fife (guiding and inspection) and Tidland (slitting and winding), they are part of the Maxcess International family of companies that represent technology leadership and innovation to converters, packaging facilities, paper mills, and all applications in between.

To learn more about MAGPOWR Global Brakes, visit www.magpowr.com or call MAGPOWR Customer Service at 1.800.MAGPOWR.