Rotary Die Resources

Rotary converting is much more than tag and label printing these days. An industry born from cutting pressure sensitive tape from rolls continues to expand to include very specialized parts being cut on rotary type equipment. As the world leader in offering die cutting solutions, RotoMetrics continues to develop tools that have allowed rotary convertors to expand into many of these very profitable markets.

A challenge that most of us continue to struggle thru is how to remove small die cut shapes from the components being produced. Over the years, versions of spring loaded pins, air eject and vacuum type tools have been introduced, and were able to assist in the ejection or removal of these small cavities. The struggle has always been hindered by adhesive, lack of air pressure or vacuum which normally resulted in broken blades with difficult set up and costly repairs. Similarly, spring loaded pins have their restrictions in size and placement as well. With any of these methods, the material waste is enormous, set up times and clean-up efforts continue to reduce run time, and as we all can agree, press time is expensive. These issues have been eliminated with the PIN EJECT tool from RotoMetrics.

Working closely with industry leading machine manufacturers and side by side with our customers who were looking for more profitable solutions to these challenges we are pleased to share details of our industry leading PIN EJECT tool.

The RotoMetrics PIN EJECT cutting die offers many benefits over conventional options. Not only will it reduce operating cost due to not needing a pressurized air source for ejection, but will save costly press time and material waste. The tool drops easily into the die station and runs with no speed limitations, and no broken out cavities. An added benefit reported and applauded from those who are currently running them successfully, is the noise level of have an air eject tool running has been dramatically reduced. This makes everyone in the press room happy.

Another PIN EJECT feature allows cavities as small as .060” (1.6 mm) to be both cut and removed from the web or it can be used to hold small pressure sensitive shapes in place on carrier liner rather than building up in the cavity of the die. With four different pin sizes available, RotoMetrics can design the optimum pin size and layout for most any cavity size and shape.

RotoMetrics now offers this highly successful ejection feature as part of our RD300 product offering. The fully machine finished, through hardened D2 cutting die coupled with this unique feature continues our tradition as the industry leading solution provider. This tool is quickly becoming the standard in the highly specialized markets where tight tolerance and high productivity are a must. Markets such as the industrial gasket and disposable medical product demand the features and benefits offered by the PIN Eject tool.

Along with specialty converting opportunities, the PIN EJECT tool is quickly replacing air eject and vacuum tools in the manufacturing of simple tags and labels as well. From airline tickets to clothing tags this RotoMetrics product can be utilized in magnetic cylinders as well, allowing the use of flexible cutting dies to minimize tooling costs for certain applications. Contact your RotoMetrics Sales Representative today to learn more about the cost saving benefits of this tool and our full line of rotary die cutting products.