Advantage Series Knifeholder

180° reversible blade cartridge, extending blade life

Fast blade cartridge removal

Class I Knifeholder and guidebar compatible; backward compatible to W19 Knifeholder systems

Tidland’s Advantage Series 19 knifeholder provides a minimum slit width of only 19.5 mm (0.768 inches), while delivering high slit quality and extended blade life. A 180° reversible blade cartridge allows you to use both sides of the lower anvil knife ring, extending blade life and reducing operating costs.

Take advantage of easy setups with a 2.5 mm side stroke distance, making blade cartridge changes easy with a simple, set screw retention and quick-disconnect air fittings. The knifeholder body remains in position during the cartridge change, significantly reducing downtime, while blade changes are safe and fast with a snap-on blade locking safety guard.

Tidland Advantage Series Knifeholder

Minimum Slit Width
0.768 in19.5 mm
Maximum Web Speed
3,500 ft/min1,067 m/min
Horizontal Stroke Distance
0.787 in2.5 mm
Vertical Stroke Difference
0.787 in20 mm
Blade Diameter
90 mm3.5 in
Operating Air Pressure
3.5 - 6.2 bar40 - 90 psi