Tidland Reel Spools

This heavy-duty reel spool shaft is specifically engineered to exceed in demanding mill environments.

Using this air shaft instead of multiple reel spool mandrels can save thousands and the two-piece expanding elements can be changed easily.

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Tidland Reel Spools Overview

The Series 860 is a heavy-duty air shaft designed for maximum reliability and performance in demanding mill environments, reducing the cost and storage of expensive reel spool mandrels. This reel spool shaft utilizes our innovative two-piece expanding elements, with a spiral design that provides 360º of radial grip and intrinsically equalized load distribution.

The advanced features of these reel spool shafts include a two-piece expanding element design, nonmetallic retraction springs, durable poly bladder and a fail-safe multi-circuit air system, with check valves to ensure that a loss of air in one element will not affect the expansion and performance of the other elements. Its ergonomic design also provides increased safety by eliminating the need for dangerous locking collars or wrenches.

Tidland Reel Spools - Torque Capacities per Nominal Core Size

Nominal Core Size
10.00 in254 mm
Fiber Core
885 lb-in885 lb-in
Steel Core
938 lb-in938 lb-in
Nominal Core Size
12.00 in304.8 mm
Fiber Core
1,415 lb-in1,415 lb-in
Steel Core
1,500 lb-in1,500 lb-in
Nominal Core Size
14.00 in355.6 mm
Fiber Core
1,650 lb-in1,650 lb-in
Steel Core
1,749 lb-in1,749 lb-in
Nominal Core Size
20.00 in508 mm
Fiber Core
2,944 lb-in2,944 lb-in
Steel Core
3,120 lb-in3,120 lb-in
  • Tag and Label
  • Packaging
  • Cardboard
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nonwovens
  • Battery
  • Towel and Tissue
  • Specialty Converting