Maxcess in the News

Lahr, May 9th, 2016.

Effective immediately, RotoMetrics, Inc. has acquired NELA Brüder Neumeister GmbH’s manufacturing and distribution rights for Europe. RotoMetrics, a leading global supplier of rotary tooling for the printing and converting industry, with production and service facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Thailand has been a licensed partner of NELA for 25 years. With this move, RotoMetrics strengthens its market position and simplifies its European operations model for a better integrated customer experience. NELA will focus its future efforts as a mechanical engineering company for the graphic arts industry and on optical inspection technology.

RotoMetrics is a leading manufacturer of flexible dies for label printing and rotary tooling in the print and converting industry. Since 1991, RotoMetrics has exclusively manufactured magnetic cylinders in the United States for the Americas based on NELA’s technology while rapidly developing into NELA’s biggest European sales partner. RotoMetrics supplies the European markets from Aldridge, West Midland, in the UK and has affiliates in several other European countries.“ This acquisition is the logical next step for our European business and will allow us to better serve our customers across the continent by simplifying manufacturing processes and consolidating our European magnetic cylinder production,” says Bob Spiller, CEO of RotoMetrics.

NELA has transitioned in the last decade to a machine and equipment company focusing onautomation for the graphic arts industry and optical inspection machines for the automotive and medical industries needing automated quality control for rubber, metal and sintered parts. “The magnetic cylinder business has represented less than 10% of NELA’s total turnover in the last fewyears,” says Frank Neumeister, NELA’s Managing Director.

“As a result of our long standing collaborative approach to the magnetic cylinder manufacturing process, this will be a completely seamless transition for our customers,” says Peter Emerson, Managing Director of RotoMetrics Europe. “Customers will continue to receive the same outstanding quality, support and service they’ve always expected from RotoMetrics and NELA,” Emerson concluded.

About RotoMetrics: Headquartered in St. Louis , Missouri , with facilities on 5 continents, RotoMetrics is a worldwide leader in precision rotary tooling for the printing and converting industries, enabling the efficient conversions of substrates into individual labels and parts, through customized cutting solutions helping customers “Unlock the Power of Precision”™. For additional information, contact RotoMetrics European Headquarters at +44 (0) 1922 610000, or the World Headquarters at +1 800-325-3851 or visit our website

About NELA: The NELA Group, consisting of Brüder Neumeister GmbH, NELA USA, Inc. and NELA Asia, forms the largest register and plate automation company in the printing industry. An additional business unit of the NELA group are Optical Inspection machines for the automated quality control of rubber, metal and sintered parts for various industrial applications. For additional information contact NELA at +49-7821-5808-621