Maxcess in the News

RotoMetrics is thrilled to announce that ALT Technologies has selected our team as their preferred partner to supply rotary tooling solutions.

You can read the full details here, but below are a few highlights from the article.

Partner: ALT Technologies
Location: Manufacturing plant in Harghita, Romania
Manufacturing: Automotive safety parts that protect passengers
Production: JIT
Challenge: Intricate manufacturing chain, where stoppage in one sector can have serious consequences.
Unique solution: RotoMetrics partnered with Romanian distributor Graphic Open Systems to provide ALT Technologies the ability to repair and re-sharpen rotary dies on a “same-day” basis.
Favorite quote from our new partner: “Many of our dies in use at ALT are cutting metal to metal, so die life can be short,” says James Wellsbury, Director of Packaging Market for RotoMetrics UK. “We are dealing with an industry that works in microns – we take drawings and convert them into dimensioned die lines. There must be no deviation at any stage because lives depend on the absolute accuracy and flawless repeatability of the work being done here – and RotoMetrics’ dies are a key component.” Rotometrics delivers the consistency of product, precision and service need to help ALT Technologies succeed.

Curious if RotoMetrics can provide you the same level of service we provided ALT Technologies? Let’s find out together. Contact Us.