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RotoRepelTM, the industry’s #1 No-Stick treatment, also delivers expanded press and die benefits to maximize performance.

RotoMetrics’ exclusive RotoRepelTM treatment is changing customers’ expectations for a nonstick. Its durability is unmatched as the cutting blades wear out before the RotoRepelTM treatment will. Additionally, customer feedback indicates not only is RotoRepelTM the best no-stick treatment on the market today, but RotoRepelTM offers expanded benefits that improve performance, including:

  • Reduction of adhesive buildup – on all adhesive types
  • Presses run faster
  • Significant reduction in number of press shutdowns
  • Many customers report saving at least an hour per shift
  • Less die damage due to less handling
  • Dies are easier to clean and return to inventory ready to run
  • Fewer missing labels and a reduction of blocking during rewind
  • Significant reduction in static at the die station

RotoRepelTM leads to happier press operators and less press frustration. On a flexible or solid die, RotoRepelTM pays for itself in the first use!

What RotoMetrics’ customers are saying about RotoRepel™

  • “We are very happy with RotoRepel TM. Cleaning adhesive off dies is virtually eliminated saving hours per week in downtime. On top of saved press time, dies are going back into inventory clean and ready to run again. I am definitely hearing a lot of good things from my operators!” (President – Label Company)
  • “We are very happy with RotoRepel TM. We use it on special applications that require a nonstick value. It has reduced cleaning downtime on these material types on a daily basis. Our operators report the elimination of headaches that previously caused increased production time. Saving even an hour a day is a huge benefit and cost saver.” (Purchasing Director – Label Company)
  • “RotoRepelTM offers a significant value to our entire production team. Operators report a huge drop in downtime due to reduction of shutdowns for die cleaning and longer runs between roller buildup. Our label rewind/inspection group is very happy because of fewer missing labels and reduced adhesive blocking in finished rolls.” ( Production Manager – Label Company)

While competitors have recently claimed improved nonstick coating performance, only RotoMetrics delivers the #1 customer preferred industry nonstick and enhanced performance die treatment. Additionally, new RotoRepel TM Rx formulation is compliant with US FDA regulations and is safe for intended use in the conversion of parts, devices and labels. It also meets the requirements for food contact applications.

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RotoRepelTM is a 2018 Label Industry Global Award Finalist