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Fife DSE-11 Digital Infrared Sensor

  • Insensitive to ambient light
  • Insensitive to electrostatic discharge
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be used for new guiding systems as well as for an upgrade of existing systems
  • Fast, easy and robust mounting due to multiple mounting brackets and sensor positioners
  • Can be connected to all available Fife web guide processors

The DSE - 11 digital infrared sensor is the smallest infrared sensor available from Fife. Because of its compact size, light weight, and insensitivity to ambient light, it is ideal for many applications where accurate web guiding is required and space is limited.

The DSE - 11 Infrared Sensor measures the lateral position of the guided material photo electrically. The control range (proportional band) allows significant guide point adjustment. The DSE - 11 is often used in pairs for centre guiding when web width variations are limited. Its excellent technical specifications allow it to also be used with a Fife processor to guide clear film. Normally the DSE - 11 is used for guiding opaque materials.

It is possible to operate the DSE - 11 with either a supply voltage of 12 V or 24 V. The output signal would automatically be switched over in that case. In 12 V supply mode the sensor provides an output signal from 0 to 10 mA and can be connected to all available Fife web guide processors. In 24 V supply mode the sensor supplies an output signal between 4 and 20 mA and can be easily connected to a PLC as well.

The DSE - 11 has a built-in LED display, visible from both sides, and shows directly on the sensor information about the operating status like for instance the existence of the supply voltage, position of
the edge of the web inside the field of view or error messages.

Fife DSE-11 Infrared Sensor Specifications

  • Proportional Band Width10 mm
  • Sensor Signal SourceModulated infrared light wavelength: 875 nm
  • Weight200 grams
  • Operating Temperature5 to 60° C (41 to 140° F)
  • IP Protection54
  • Power Supply10-28V
  • Output Signal0 to 10 (4-20 mA optional digital data exchange RS-485)
  • Linearity5% nominal maximum error (at 20% to 80% of signal)
  • Plane Change5% nominal maximum error (at 20% to 80% of gap width)
  • Temperature Drift5% nominal maximum error (at 10°C to 50°C)



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