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Fife SE-15 Visible Light Sensor

  • Small, lightweight sensor ideal for edge guiding opaque, transparent, or reflective materials
  • Unaffected by reflections from foils/transparent films, as well as ambient light
  • Effective gap between sensor and reflector of 25 mm to 1 meter (1 inch up to 39 inches)
  • Easy setup. Internal signal amplifier and an indicator LED simplify alignment and adjustment
  • Built-in gain adjustment
  • Compatible with all Fife web guide controllers
  • Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies ensure quick and easy installation
  • Electrostatic discharge protected

Small, yet accurate, the SE-15 Visible Light Sensor is perfect for web applications where exact guiding is required and space is limited. With a control range of 10.2 mm (0.4 inch), this compact, lightweight sensor is best suited for edge guiding opaque, transparent, or reflective materials in most unwind and rewind applications.

This medium-gap reflex sensor utilizes a reflector mounted on the opposite side of the web and a co-axis optical visible red light for transmitted and received light beams. The effective gap between reflector and sensor can range from 25 mm (1 inch) up to 1 meter (39 inches). The sensor light signal is processed to filter out ambient and reflected light to provide reliable and accurate performance.

Fife SE-15 Specifications

  • Linearity (Nominal maximum error)2 %
  • Plane Change (Nominal maximum error)1 %
  • Power Supply10 - 14 Vcc
  • Output Signal0 - 10 mA
  • Weight212.6 g7.5 oz
  • Operating Temperature5 to 60˚ C41 to 140˚ F



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