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Silicone STS™ Series

  • Longer Roll Cover Life over conventional silicone cover types
  • Higher Pressure Loading with lower risk of bond failure
  • Superior Release
  • Advanced Mechanical Properties
  • Superb Rubber to Metal Bond Integrity
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Superior Heat Resistance
  • FDA Compliant

Typical silicone compounds exhibit good heat resistance in roller applications but lack the physical properties that contribute to durability. In addition, high release silicone versions can be even more fragile leading to short runs and frequent roll changes. Valley Roller’s Silicone STS series of roller coverings are ideally suited for applications where rollers must exhibit superior substrate release characteristics, excellent temperature resistance, and now, with enhanced physical properties, provide significantly improved durability, thus, contributing to longer roll cover life. Our Silicone STS‐HR grade includes compound additives for even greater substrate release properties.