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Silicone STS TC™ Series

  • Enhanced Heat Transfer Properties
  •  Outstanding Heat Resistance
  •  Outstanding Release Properties
  •  Dramatic Reduction of Edge Wear
  •  Improved Surface Quality

Valley Roller’s Silicone STS TC Series of Silicone coverings are ideally suited for the most demanding high temperature roll applications. Valley Roller has developed a new family of thermally conductive coverings for plastics forming and laminating applications that can withstand all of the relevant application parameters including temperature, release, resiliency and thermal conductivity.

Traditional thermally conductive silicone coverings generally exhibit poor physical properties when compared to other coverings in the same hardness range. These new coverings have been designed to exhibit higher overall elongation and therefore are less brittle. Ultimately this improves the durability of the covering.

Silicone STS TC Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range80-90 Shore A
  • Abrasion ResistanceFair
  • Tear StrengthFair
  • Thermal ConductivitySuperior
  • ReleaseVery Good
  • Resistance to DentingVery Good
  • Service Temperature500°F F
  • Ozone ResistanceExcellent
  • ResiliencyExcellent
  • Recommended Covering Thickness.125-1.50 inches

Silicone STS TC Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsVery Good
  • CausticsVery Good
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsFair
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsGood
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsGood
  • WaterVery Good
  • KeytonesVery Good
  • AlcoholVery Good
  • EstersGood
  • GlycolsVery Good