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Spool Coat Xtreme™

  • Non-Marking
  • High Coefficient of Friction
  • Outstanding Cut Resistance
  • Self Healing
  • Static Dissipating
  • Excellent Aging Characteristics

Valley Roller’s Spool Coat™ Xtreme series of Reel Spool coverings have been specifically formulated to address paper winding and re-winding operation requirements. This family of coverings was engineered to overcome the deficiencies of traditional Reel Spool coverings. These coverings will protect reel spool shells and extend the longevity of this investment.

Based on innovative rubber chemistry, these coverings offer unique physical properties including enhanced resistance to cut growth and improved durability. Ultimately these coverings contribute to improved roll life and outlast traditional Reel Spool covering alternatives.

Spool Coat™ Xtreme is available in a hardness range from 8-45 P&J covering, giving your reel spool a tough and durable outer skin, yet soft enough to facilitate smooth wrap-up and reduce paper waste.

Spool Coat Xtreme Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range8-45 P&J
  • Abrasion ResistanceSuperior
  • Tear StrengthOutstanding
  • Load BearingSuperior
  • Self HealingSuperior
  • Resistance to DentingSuperior
  • Maximum Service Temperature275° F
  • Ozone ResistanceGod
  • ResiliencySuperior
  • Recommended Thickness.200-.625 inches