Maxcess in the News

Better. Faster. Smarter. Maxcess Europe is dedicated to providing its customers with better, faster, and smarter material web handling solutions. The international group includes several brands dedicated to serving customers across the globe. The products are a result of many years of market experience, continuous optimization processes and an end-to-end philosophy.


Alexander Haid, Vice President/General Manager Maxcess Europe

The Maxcess brand includes names such as Componex, Fife, Tidland, RotoMetrics and Webex. “Originally these were all small companies with different technologies that we brought together into one platform so that customers can better integrate individual components,” said Alexander Haid, VP/GM Europe.

The roots go back to 1939, when Fife was founded in Oklahoma City and launched the first hydraulic web guiding system; other companies such as Tidland, known for cutting systems, and MagPowr, specialized in drive and brake technologies, followed. A major milestone was the merger of Maxcess and RotoMetrics in 2020. “We financed the companies with private equity,” said Haid. “Because the company is thus privately owned, so we can pursue a long-term, sustainable strategy.”

One brand, one contact, end-to-end solutions

Today, Maxcess has 2,200 employees, eight brands, 30 manufacturing and development sites and 20,000 customers in 90 countries worldwide. “This makes us by far the largest global player in the industry segment,” says Haid. “One of our strategic approaches is “think global, act local”.

“The¬†portfolio is characterized by products and services and end-to-end solutions. The solutions include unwinding, converting, rewinding, and more all done with highest quality control. This can involve tags and labels for beverages, toilet paper, hygiene products or covid testing. Maxcess works with OEMs and companies in a wide range of industries.

“We ask customers what they need and develop solutions from that,” Haid emphasizes. “Individual customer needs are our biggest drivers; and those needs come in a wide variety. In the past, the maxim was ‘engineered to order’; today it’s ‘configured to order’. The result is modular, globally standardized products and services that ensure customers can run better, faster and smarter.”

In the future, Maxcess will continue to focus on generating added value for its customers while incorporating sustainability. “Sustainability plays an essential role across the company and fascinates me personally,” says Haid. “It’s fun to work in a family business where you have the financial power to implement ideas and concepts and have enough freedom to act with a long-term strategy.”