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Pictured: Susie Hedrick, Customer Service Representative – RotoMetrics,  Alicia Pierce, Materials Manager – U.S. Tape and Label


How long have you been a RotoMetrics’ customer?

[Alicia Pierce] Personally, over a span of 15 years. With USTl, 10 Years.


In what applications do you specialize?

[Alicia Pierce] Prime Labels, Direct Mail, Onserting


What was the need or problem you were facing that led you to RotoMetrics?

[Alicia Pierce] Not pleased with quality of competition’s die, nor the retooling process.


How was the need or problem resolved?

[Alicia Pierce] Roto used a different process in the manufacturing of dies, and also regarding retooling. Our problems were resolved immediately.


What is the greatest benefit Roto tools have provided you?

[Alicia Pierce] On a daily basis, the longevity of the dies…as we have many long-running jobs.


How would you describe your overall experience with RotoMetrics?

[Alicia Pierce] Very good, and most importantly, getting better as Roto improves.


What keeps you coming back as a customer?

[Alicia Pierce] The Roto team effort… great customer service, supportive sales relationship and guys like Tom Gordon who we can call on for advanced technical help. All of these folks “get it done”.


If you were to recommend us to a colleague, what would you say?

[Alicia Pierce] If you have used Roto in the past and have gotten away from them, definitely give them another shot. They have made vast improvements over the years, in all areas of their business.