Nathan Doll, CAD Operator (RotoMetrics Australia)


What is your role and brief description of your day to day tasks?

I’m a CAD Operator in the Patterns Department. I process the drawings and programs from our Sales Department for our rotary and flex areas.


How long have you been with Roto? Were you new to the industry when you began working with Roto?

I started with RotoMetrics 5 years ago. I was very new to Roto and its industry when I began. Previously, I worked in retail for 5 years in all areas (selling, stocking, merchandising and IT related issues) which gave me lots of experience in multi-skilling. A huge change in industries, but it was time for something new and fresh.


Have you always been in the Patterns Department?

I originally started working on our Flex Milling machines. After learning all I could in the 2 years I was there, I was asked to join the Patterns Team and bring my hands on experience into the Patterns Department.


Why do you believe Patterns play such an important role at RotoMetrics?

Patterns, to me, is the engine that drives all of our departments forward. We are always there to help and always try and find a way to make our orders work. If there is something we can do to streamline our programs for our Rotary Die Department or Flex Die Department, we always look into it.


What do you enjoy doing out of work?

Working alongside some talented individuals helps bring enjoyment to our department. If you don’t have a great team working together side by side, then you won’t enjoy coming to work. I am always looking for new challenges and experiences to learn in my time here.