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“Open Doors to New Opportunities” was the theme of the Open House in June of 2014. The “Open Doors” concept was not only an informative adventure for guests, but an expansion of our idea of helping our customers enter adjacent markets by inspiring their innovative capabilities as well as challenging our own.

Customers, partners and OEMs were greeted with music, hors d’oeuvres & spirits and were able to meet with many of the Sales Team Members. Guests were given in-depth tours of departments such as Magnetic Cylinders, Special Products and Print Cylinders as well as informative press demonstrations by our Tech Team in our Converting Technology Center.

The event was two-fold. Following the “business” part of the event, everyone gathered to congratulate Steve Lee for his dedicated service to the industry and retirement after 37 years with Roto. Bob Spiller, RotoMetrics’ CEO, gave an opening speech reflecting on Steve’s many years of committed effort. Festivities included a flash mob dance that several employees participated in that caught Steve by surprise, while a video of other facilities saying their farewells played behind the entertainment. Music, appetizers and beverages continued to be enjoyed by all.

Larry Johnson, Application/Field Engineer from Avery Dennison-Material Group, was asked to share a small quote about the event, to which he replied, “The following is not as requested, a small quote. The event was too grand for a small quote!” He continued, “After 37 years of dedication to RotoMetrics and truly advancing the state of the art in the design and manufacture of rotary tooling, RotoMetrics hosted a well-deserved retirement celebration for Steve. Knowing the distance traveled by many of the 150 guest present spoke to Steve’s character. Not to mention the amount of gray haired log time customers who were present. To show their appreciation his colleagues from around the globe thank him with a video tribute and those in Eureka preformed a well-choreographed flash mob dance. Steve was truly appreciated by those he worked with on a daily bases. Avery Dennison is pleased that in 2012 Steve joined others who have been honored within our industry in receiving the R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Robert Smithson from Trinity Graphics said, “Attending the RotoMetrics open house was a rare treat for me, as I don’t get many opportunities to visit such amazing manufacturing facilities. Anticipating that during the die making process, large pieces of steel would evolve into intricate tools of our trade, I had envisioned lots of metal shavings, grease and other byproducts all over the place. At RotoMetrics this was not the case, from the landscaping to the shipping department, the facility is immaculate and something to be incredibly proud of. What to me sets RotoMetrics over and above their competition is the staff, from the ground floor of the company up to the senior management is they play as a team. Congratulations on your spectacular open house!”

Beverly & Susan Chavez from Stixon Labels wrote, “We want to thank you for inviting our company to the celebration of Steve Lee’s 37 years with RotoMetrics. Over the years Steve has become a great friend and will continue to be in our lives.

We attended the open house and were very impressed with the entire operation. The number of units RotoMetrics produces and ships each day along with superb customer service is very impressive. We believe that if we work with the best we will be the best, and that is why we choose to buy the majority of our tooling from RotoMetrics.

The fact that so many people traveled from all over the country to congratulate Steve on his retirement and celebrate his success with RotoMetrics is a tribute to who Steve is.

The open house was very educational and interesting. We were able to spend quality time with many converters and suppliers that we know and had the chance to meet new people and make new lifelong friends. Cheers to Steve Lee and RotoMetrics!”