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You don’t get to be an industry leader by chance. It takes years of excellence in research, design innovation, execution and customer service. Over the past five decades RotoMetrics customers have grown to expect nothing less than class-leading performance in rotary dies and flexible printing solutions.

Whether it’s a sketch on the back of a napkin or a full CAD spec, customers can place an order on a Monday and have their production line running in two days, if not sooner. It’s all a bit like a magic blue box.

When closed it’s a simple, strong, intriguing but static symbol of a system that just works.

When open it’s a complex, beautiful, diverse and action-packed system of elements that have a life of their own.

At Labelexpo Americas this year in Chicago, RotoMetrics opened up its Magic Blue Box giving customers a chance to see what’s inside.

The theme for event, “Open Doors to New Opportunities” was supported by three unique value propositions.

  • Speed: no other rotary die manufacturer can get its clients faster to market than RotoMetrics. Converters can order a die today and cut with it tomorrow.
  • Reliability: customers can count on RotoMetrics to deliver the highest quality die — one that works right out of the box, precisely, every time.
  • Innovation: RotoMetrics has more industry firsts, showcased by 50 years of excellence in design engineering, manufacturing and people.

At RotoMetrics, the lights are always on somewhere. No other provider can deliver the same quality and expertise, anywhere in the world quite like a blue box solution. At the global market showcase guests had an opportunity to meet an international team of RotoMetrics experts and learned about RotoMetrics worldwide offerings.