Pioneer of web guiding systems looks towards the future.
Oklahoma City, OK – Fife Corporation, an industry leader in the manufacture and engineering of web guiding systems, celebrates 70 years of success in the web handling industry with a commitment to continuous product improvement and education.
It all began in a small garage of Irwin Fife’s Oklahoma City home in 1939, when a friend with a newspaper business described the challenge of keeping paper aligned on his high-speed press. Mr. Fife put his whole heart into the problem, dreaming up and installing his first working model within a single year. Since then, Fife has revolutionized the web guiding industry with advanced controls and electromechanical technology. Today, Fife Corporation continues to work closely with customers to engineer truly innovative products like the D-MAX web guiding system with open architecture and networking as well as TruWide; the only Ultrasonic sensor that can see multiple edges at one time.
Fife is a founding member of the Oklahoma State University Web Handling Research Center (WHRC) and has been a primary sponsor since it was formed in 1986. The WHRC is a university/industry cooperative research center designed to expand the knowledge of web handling while codifying and transferring the knowledge to industry sponsors. Fife is also committed to empowering converters through Maxcess University (www.maxcessu.com), by providing access to information on the latest technology and the training on how to use it properly, in formats that are easily accessed for multiple styles of learning.
In 1989, Fife was acquired and operated by a newly founded company Maxcess International Corporation. Later in 1995 and 1996, Maxcess acquired Tidland Corporation, the inventor of the very first air shaft and electronic knifeholder, and MAGPOWR, a leader in tension control technology with the largest installed base of equipment throughout the world. Through all three operating companies, Maxcess delivers over 160 combined years of experience and the most comprehensive line of engineered components available to help customers run faster, better and more efficient.