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Our In-House Hard Anodizing Gives You Longer Life & Better Quality Print Cylinders

Today’s Flexographic printers are challenged with safeguarding their investment in print cylinders. At RotoMetrics we continue to look for solutions to help increase the cylinder life while providing unsurpassed quality. That is why we are proud to announce the integration of our own Full Anodizing Line. By vertically integrating this process we are able to control the level of quality to achieve maximum durability. At the same time, we are better equipped to meet your demand and delivery time.

Unlike a typical Anodize job shop, we were able to identify the ideal coating recipe as it relates to the industry requirements for mounting flexographic plates. You can now feel comfortable knowing that when you order a Hard Anodized print cylinder, the level of quality will be consistent from one order to the next. With RotoMetrics you get greater flexibility and the service you depend on to get your Hard Anodized print cylinders on time.

When ACCURACY, PERFORMANCE AND GUARANTEED QUALITY are high on your list and you want to successfully convert any material – RotoMetrics Hard Anodized cylinders are more durable than the competitors!

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In-House Anodizing by RotoMetrics release 03.07.17