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RotoMetrics and Electro Optic Merge to Create World’s Leading Precision Rotary Tooling Company

This global merger brings together two of the label and printing industry’s strongest brands to offer customers the most comprehensive and highest quality rotary tooling
products in the market. The merger also creates unprecedented opportunity for customers to receive the most reliable precision cutting solutions, service and support to enhance their own responsiveness and efficiency anywhere in the world.

Electro Optic invented and perfected critical proprietary flexible die technologies. These innovations opened the door for the industry to convert progressively thinner liner substrates reducing costs and environmental waste. Electro Optic also advanced surface treatments for the longest running thermal transfer applications. RotoMetrics offers the most comprehensive precision converting product line in the world, including precision rotary dies (flexible and solid dies), magnetic cylinders, adjustable anvils, print cylinders, print sleeves, and accessories designed to maximize press productivity. Additionally, with manufacturing and support services on five continents, RotoMetrics offers the broadest global distribution of any precision tooling manufacturer.

rotometrics merges with electro optic

Rotometrics CEO Bob Spiller and Electro Optic CEO Erwin Lindl

Bob Spiller, CEO of RotoMetrics, feels the merger is a natural fit for both businesses, stating “RotoMetrics has been continuously improving our flexible die technology, and we feel the merger is the perfect way to accelerate this product improvement to better serve customers and offer the most superior flexible die product portfolio on the market.”

Erwin Lindl, CEO of Electro Optic, agrees, “Electro Optic has been growing rapidly, and we will be able to realize our vision of stronger global distribution and more rapidly implement our philosophy of superior customer service with RotoMetrics’ international footprint and strong financial backing.” Spiller added, “This merger allows us to take advantage of the best of both organizations to further improve the products and services we offer to customers and partners, while expanding the distribution of these products on a global scale. We look forward to growing the business together as a team.” Each organization brings distinct advantages to the merger from an operating, sales, technical services and manufacturing perspective to better serve customers and partners. In addition, the merger will allow employees in both organizations to scale best practices and develop into new expanded roles to better serve key stakeholders.
RotoMetrics will continue to operate from its global headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri USA with supporting offices across the globe and manufacturing facilities on 5 continents. Electro Optic will continue to operate its global headquarters in Großmehring – Germany and have a supporting office in Mumbai, India servicing India, Asia and Africa, while the Alpharetta, GA USA, manufacturing, service, and support site will continue to service the Americas. As a result, customers can expect the same great products, service and support with the added benefit of more customers being able to enjoy these benefits on a wider, more global scale along with combined product development resources to drive improvements as market needs evolve.

About RotoMetrics: RotoMetrics is recognized as the pioneering name in the rotary tooling industry, and a
global partner for the converting industry with unmatched local manufacturing resources, product development
expertise and customer service support. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with manufacturing facilities on
5 continents, RotoMetrics is the worldwide leader in precision rotary tooling for the printing and converting
industries, enabling the efficient conversions of substrates into individual labels and parts, through customized
cutting solutions to help customers and partners “Unlock the Power of Precision”. RotoMetrics’ reputation for
quality and service resulted in customer-focused investments in manufacturing operations in the UK, Australia,
SE Asia and Brazil, along with repair centers serving both the tag & label and custom converting applications.
This dedication to unparalleled service and support combined with the unique ability to create reliable cutting
solutions and the responsiveness and speed that allows customers to seize opportunities has kept RotoMetrics
an industry leader for 60 years. For additional information, contact RotoMetrics’ World Headquarters at 800
325 3851 or +1 636 587 3600 or online at

About Electro Optic: Electro Optic was established in 1990 in Ingolstadt, Germany and has built itself an
enviable reputation and position on the international flexible die market. Over the past few years, Electro Optic
has continued to invest in new manufacturing facilities and assets, including a new European headquarters and
manufacturing plant, plus a US manufacturing and sales facility. The European headquarters, located in
Großmehring – Germany, facilitates a highly automated state-of-the-art production environment, offering
production-critical specifications and unparalleled service for customers around the world. The company has
continued to build on its revolutionary die cutting technology by investing in R&D and in its manufacturing
processes to provide superior products and services, which has fueled growth in key global markets such as
India, the Arab Emirates and parts of Africa and Asia. The continued growth in key markets led to the founding
of Electro Optic Asia Pvt. LTD in 2010, based in Mumbai to support India, the Arab Emirates and parts of
Africa and Asia. For additional information contact Electro Optic World Headquarters at +49 8456 759 50 0
(GmbH) or +1 678 992 0220 (USA) or