Maxcess Completes $2.5 Million Investment in Precision Roll ‘Centers of Excellence’
Optimized Webex facilities capable of producing large quantities of Precision Rolls
Neenah, Wisconsin-Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, recently completed a $2.5 million investment that transformed its two Precision Roll facilities. The Neenah, Wisconsin, site now joins the Chicopee, Massachusetts, location as an industry-leading Center of Excellence, specializing in the manufacture of Webex Precision Rolls.
“The Center of Excellence transformation in Neenah is a multi-faceted improvement of the facility and an important investment in our future growth and success,” said Joe Alderton, GM for Webex. “These improvements will ultimately allow us to better meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as we continue working to earn their trust and business.”
Launched as a platform to transform the Chicopee and Neenah facilities into world-class manufacturing Centers of Excellence, the investment allows Webex to leverage its significant burst capacity to manufacture Heat Transfer, Vacuum, Spreader/Bowed and Idler Rolls in quantities that are unrivaled in the industry.
“With this Centers of Excellence initiative in Chicopee and Neenah, we stand prepared to leverage our global footprint to better serve our domestic and multi-national customers by providing quality Precision Roll orders in a more efficient manner,” said Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “Pairing this investment with our worldwide sales force, engineering, service and support teams, we are able to vastly improve the customer experience while increasing our capacity for large quantity orders.”