Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, today announced the launch of a new global website. The new design gives users easy access to product details in multiple languages in a format that’s easy to navigate; from smartphone to desktop.
“We redesigned maxcessintl.com from the ground up with the intent of providing a more intuitive customer experience,” said Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “This new site will be an excellent tool for our customers to obtain general product information, contact their local sales and support team or request a quote.”
Developed as a joint project by Maxcess and Bertram Labs, a division of Bertram Capital, the new site was designed primarily for ease of use while enhancing the depth of product details in a dynamic structure that will grow with the company.
“Our design team created a flat site hierarchy, providing customers access to products in three clicks or taps,” said Kenn Lau, Senior Usability Designer for Bertram Labs. “With the new design, we were able to highlight the most pertinent information for the customer in many languages while hiding less important elements in order to minimize the noise and distraction on the page.”
About Maxcess: Maxcess helps the web handling industry maximize productivity with convenient access to innovative products and services worldwide. By bringing together the leading brands of Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR, Maxcess has built an unrivaled network of application experts with more than 200 years combined experience to help customers improve efficiency and production quality anywhere in the world.