The HEB250 is designed to fufill the desired ascetics, low cost requirements, low profile, sleek design that many applications require.
Oklahoma City, OK. – Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, announces the High Efficiency Brake 250 (HEB250) by MAGPOWR, already an industry leader in magnetic particle clutches and brakes as well as sensors and controls. The HEB250 is a pneumatic brake that is sleek, cost efficient with safety integrated into the framework.
The HEB250 empowers customers to maximize productivity and significantly reduce costs by giving them a drop in replacement brake with higher torque capacity due to pad area, longer pad life due to thicker pads, higher heat dissipation due to design and fan size, and longer pad life due to thicker pads running at cooler temperatures.
“This technology is simply a way to better serve our customers. We designed it to be extremely safe and easy to use,” said Chris Harper, Global Product Manager for MAGPOWR Tension Control.
To learn more about the HEB250, call MAGPOWR Customer Service at 800.624.7697, email sales@maxcessintl.com or visit www.maxcessintl.com/MAGPOWR.
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