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In today’s fast-paced business environment, converters are under enormous pressure to provide perfect die cutting performance while adhering to aggressive client deadlines. At the same time, clients are demanding products produced on thinner films, with stronger adhesives, and on more abrasive substrate materials. And to top it all off, clients expect converters to complete their projects within strict budget constraints. Failure to deliver on these demanding client expectations can easily lead to losing business to a competitor.

One common issue that arises in rotary die converting which can lead to decreased efficiency and potentially losing clients is adhesive build-up on the rotary dies. Over time adhesive materials within labels and multi-layer substrates can begin to accumulate on the die, which can lead to a host of converting problems including:

  • Adhesive whip
  • Label lifting
  • Blocking
  • Transfer to web
  • Adhesive ooze

At a minimum, these types of adhesive problems on-press result in shutting down the press for cleaning and maintenance. Each time the press is shut down, revenue and profitability decline. But excessive adhesive build-up has additional consequences for converters. Each time the die must be removed from the press and cleaned, it introduces an increased risk that the die could be damaged. Reduction in die handling in turn reduces the chances of dropping or otherwise damaging the die, which could lead to costly repairs or even the need for a brand-new replacement die. Bottom line, adhesive build-up on rotary dies leads to press frustration, costly production delays, and unhappy customers.

Luckily there is now a solution to minimize adhesive build-up–RotoMetrics’ exclusive RotoRepel™ adhesive control treatment. RotoRepel™ was developed to solve the converting industry’s toughest adhesive challenges to increase press uptime and efficiency. This non-stick coating can be applied to both solid and flexible dies, and can also be added to dies during resharpening or other maintenance work. RotoRepel™ greatly reduces adhesive build-up on the die, resulting in fewer press shutdowns. It also results in less wear and damage to dies, makes them easier to clean, and increases overall die life. RotoRepel™ makes converting thin films, abrasive materials, and other challenging substrates a breeze, allowing converters to confidently take on clients and jobs that in the past might have seemed too difficult or risky.

RotoRepel™ Rx is also available for food and medical converting. RotoRepel™ Rx has undergone a Food and Drug Administration regulatory compliance review, migration testing, and toxicological safety assessment. RotoRepel™ Rx is safe for intended use in the conversion of parts, devices, and labels. RotoRepel™ Rx is filed with the US Food and Drug Administration under Master File for Devices (MAF) #2975.

RotoRepel™ is truly a game changer in the converting industry. Don’t risk a failed job, or a lost client, to excessive rotary die adhesive build-up. Learn how RotoRepel™ adhesive control coating can improve your efficiency, productivity, and profitability today.