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RotoMetrics announces the launch of RotoRepel™ No-Stick Treatment designed to solve the toughest adhesive challenges. Available on solid (new and resharpened) and flexible dies, RotoRepel™ features an exclusive technology and formulation that minimizes adhesive pick-up and transfer. RotoRepel™ is now available on RotoMetrics dies manufactured in the US locations and will be available at all other RotoMetrics global locations in the beginning of 2018. RotoRepel is a 2018 finalist for the Award for Innovation from the Label Industry Global Awards.

RotoRepel™ has many advantages over the current industry nonstick offerings. It is ultra-thin and will not chip or flake. Blade profiles remain precise even after treatment with RotoRepel™ because there is no coating buildup. Additionally, dies treated with RotoRepel™ will run longer before any adhesive build-up occurs. If there is any adhesive build up, the dies easily wipe off. In most cases, dies are stored after use and can quickly go on press again without extensive cleaning. Overall, press setup and downtime are significantly reduced.

RotoRepelAccording to Butch Schomber, New Product Innovation Manager for Rotometrics, “RotoRepel is the culmination of three years of extensive R&D, and we actually have a nonstick that really works on almost all adhesives. After months of field trials with both convertors and material suppliers, RotoRepel continues to receive unprecedented feedback. Our test trial customers love RotoRepel. Not only is it allowing operators to run longer between die cleanings, it almost eliminates adhesive whip and drastically reduces label lift and contaminated product. Due to less die handling, our customers are also reporting a major drop in die damage caused in the cleaning process.”

To find out more about RotoRepel™, Click here to call RotoMetrics at +1-800-325-3851.