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Bearer Wipers

In order to keep your converting press in tip-top shape, it’s imperative to, from time to time, soak the bearer wipers in oil. Greg Wells, Senior Technical Support Specialist with RotoMetrics, offers up some expert advice on the importance of this process. According to Greg, if you simply put oil on the outside of the felt wiper, it will be pulled into the drier center of the pad. Soaking fills the pad with oil, and any additional oil added to the outside while running will stay on the surface.

Greg suggests first soaking the wipers in high quality synthetic motor oil as pictured below.


Then, mount the wipers as pictured below. Holes might need to be added to the die station frames to properly place the mounting bracket.


The felt wiper pads should be pressed firmly against the bearer surface.

Do not over press the wipers as they will create heat if forced against the metal surface too hard.

Add oil to the wiper pads as needed.

There should always be a light film of oil coming off of the wipers.

Rotate the felt pads slightly about every two weeks to insure a clean surface is delivering the oil.

Replace when there is not a clean surface to place against the bearer.