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Extra Large Industrial Rollers

  • Extra large industrial rollers- up to 33 feet
  • Cylindrical grinding offers up to a 20 Ra finish
  • Chrome plating and polishing
  • Journal Twist-Stress test to ensure strength before fabrication
  • Parabolic crowns and reverse crowns
  • Deflection test to ensure minimized deflection coefficient
  • Tight tolerances and perfectly balanced
  • Bolt-on journals available

Extra large industrial rollers are a specialty of Menges Roller. We offer the ability to manufacture rollers up to 33 feet in length.

In addition, Menges builds its large industrial rollers with industry-leading strength with minimized deflection. Using advanced FEA technology to test journal and core strength before fabrication, you can be confident in receiving an ideal roller for your large application. Menges also use advanced stress modeling technology to ensure all rollers have a minimized deflection coefficient.