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Rubber Covered Rolls

  • Our Capacity: 32.8 Ft. / 10 Meters
  • Award-Winning Seamless Rollcovering Process
  • Dozens of Performance-Grade Compounds Available
  • Multiple Groove & Serration Options
  • Parabolic & Reverse-Parabolic Crowns
  • High-Polish & Textured Surface Finishes
  • Dynamically Balanced for Vibration-Free Operation
  • Available for New Rollers or Re-Cover Projects
  • All Services Completed In-House for Superior Quality
  • Quick Turnaround Times

More Than Just "Rubber Rollers", Menges Offers Performance-Grade Elastomers For Every Application.

Menges has developed several proprietary compounds, including Super Tough Coat, which features a nitrile base with carboxylic modifications, making it far more durable than standard nitrile. This is a very popular and durable material.

Available Roll Coverings:

Menges Super Tough Coat
Menges Tiger Max
Thermal Plastic Urethanes (TPUs)
Hypalon Blends (for Corona Treater purposes)
Nitrile (BNR/BUNA)
EPDM-Silicone Blends
Silicone (many High-Release & Heat-Resistant options)
Natural and Synthetic Rubbers
Anti-Static Blends
FDA-Approved Blends (for Food & Pharmaceutical uses)